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Top 5 Best toothpaste in India


There are many brands of toothpaste available in India. Many of these are popular brands that contain harmful chemicals like SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) & Florid. These chemicals are dangerous for kids adults. In this article, I am going to tell you about the Best toothpaste in India. This toothpaste is made from natural herbs and is also free from harmful chemicals. You can buy it according to your choice or budget.

Top 5 Best Toothpaste in India

Dabar red toothpaste :

If you are looking for chemical-free pocket-friendly toothpaste, then Dabur red Toothpaste is a good option for you. It’s 100% free from harmful chemicals. It contains 13 natural ingredients like Clove Oil, Mint Extract, Tomar Beej (Xanthoxylum Alatum), Sunthi (Ginger).

According to the company, you will get relief in bad breath, tooth sensitivity and brittle teeth.

Price: The cost of 100 grams of this toothpaste is Rs.52, the cost of 200 grams is Rs.100, while the cost of 300 grams is Rs.148. You can buy it from any general store or online shopping sites.

Vicco vajradanti toothpaste :

If you are looking for ayurvedic toothpaste, then vicco vajradanti toothpaste is a good option for you. It Contains 18 herbs such as Darchini, long, babool, Ajwain.

According to vicco company, it will give relief in pyorrhea, toothache, swollen and bleeding gums.

Price: The price of vicco vajradanti toothpaste is Rs 73 for 100 grams pack, Rs 98 for 150 grams pack, and Rs 130 for a pack of 200 grams. You can buy it from any general store or online shopping site.

Bentodent toothpaste :

If you are looking for natural toothpaste, then Bentodent toothpaste is a good option for you. It’s 100% toxin-free, no artificial color & flavors are used in it.

Ingredients like Purified Aqua, Salt, Tea Tree Oil have been used in this toothpaste. It is available in 6 variants Cardamom, Mint, Charcoal, Betel Leaf besides Bubble Gum and Mango Flower for kids.

Price : All these flavors are priced between Rs 150 to Rs 170

Biomed Toothpaste-Propoline :

Biomed propylene is another good option in this list. It’s completely free from all harmful chemicals like SLS, FLUORIDE, Artificiel COLOURS & FLAVOURS.

Contains 98% natural and 12 natural active ingredients. The company claims that it cleans the enamel in just 30 seconds. Not only this, it effectively lasts for 12 hours.

Price: Biomed Toothpaste-Propoline is a bit expensive as compared to other toothpaste. The cost of 100 grams of toothpaste is approximately Rs 215.

Biotique Toothpaste:

If you are looking for chemical-free Ayurvedic toothpaste on budget. Biotique Toothpaste is a very good option for you.

The Toothpaste is made by combining 15 natural ingredients like Neem, Tulsi, Akarkara Root, Oil, Glycerin. The company’s claim, this toothpaste gives you cleansing, teeth whitening, fresh breath, fighting cavity.

Price : Biotique toothpaste costs Rs 96 for a 140 g pack. It is available for online shopping sites or at the Biotique site.

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